Memorial Urns and Cremation Burial Containers


With the recent rise in popularity of cremation compared to traditional burial services, family members and other loved ones now have more options than ever for housing cremated remains. For those forgoing cemetery interment, the choice of an urn becomes an important way of honoring your loved one’s memory. However, with so many crematory urns on the market today, this choice is more difficult than ever. Here are some things to consider when choosing cremation containers for a deceased loved one:



Budget: Urns for cremation come at a variety of price points. When settling on your budget, be sure to consider the other expenses involved in cremation, including the removal and sheltering of remains, preparation and filing of certificates, and other services.



Size: Containers for ashes typically need to have one cubic inch of space for every pound the deceased weighed. Be sure to consider that urns will need to be small enough to fit in the allocated space.



Materials: Cremation remains containers are available in a wide variety of materials. Though your budget will play a large role in determining which you can purchase, some degree of flexibility is available at every price point, including bronze, copper, granite, ceramic and many other materials.



Transport: For transport of cremated remains, urns should be lightweight and durable. For air travel, special temporary flight-approved urns are available that will make it easier to pass through security. Check with your airline directly for more information.



Environment: If your loved one was passionate about the environment, honor that memory with an eco-friendly urn for their ashes. Water-soluble and biodegradable products are available, and recommended for interment or release at sea.



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